An Announcement

Dear Internet, I interrupt the irregularly scheduled programming around here to let you know that I am expecting a baby boy in 2012, due in theory on January 20. Thank you in advance for your congratulations and good wishes. I […]

In Which I Offer Excuses

Greg and I have been discussing themes for Thursdays and Fridays, and we still welcome your suggestions. I don’t actually have themes for my days at the moment, but I thought they might be worth pursuing at least a day […]


Today was all about subways and art and zines and moving to Brooklyn. I’ve reverted to what I think is probably my natural state and become a night person here on my vacation. My grandmother says you should always go […]


Teen: You’re walking? Me: Yes. Teen: Where are you going? Me: Home. It’s four blocks from here. Teen: Wow, four blocks is a long way to walk in the rain. Me: [jaw hits ground] People in my town, upon learning […]