Cognitive Dissonance

Elizabeth Wurtzel went to law school and has now penned a frightening op-ed for the Wall Street Journal . It’s good to be reminded that no life is over till it’s over. Call no man happy until he is dead, […]

Peer Pressure

I really think that the America Online commercials, in which people offer testimonials such as “All my friends are on it!” and “It’s the best way to stay in touch!” and “It brings the whole world right into your home!” […]


A short time ago I was watching a TV newscast in Chicago, which took a short break from politics, sports, and mayhem, to report on a breathtaking new phenomenon: there is actually a place in Chicago now where you can […]


Apparently the Italian government is quite upset with the not-guilty decision of the court martial of the Captain William Ashby (accused of involuntary manslaughter–the plane he was flying cut through some gondola cables and killed 20 people). I haven’t reviewed […]