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The Machine in the Garden
a presentation for the Wyoming Humanities Council's Humanities Matter! conference
How I Built a Library Website for $16 in Chocolate
the Computers in Libraries 2009 version
Get on the Bus: Blogs
a webinar for the Wyoming State Library's Get on the Bus: Join the Online Social Library Community program.
How I Built a Library Website for $16 in Chocolate
a slightly different version done as a teleconference for the Education Institute.
How I Built a Website for $16 in Chocolate
a presentation on using WordPress as a CMS at Internet Librarian 2008.
A 2.0 Toolkit for Libraries Large and Small
a presentation with Kaijsa Calkins at the 2008 Wyoming Library Association conference
Brainstorming for and reporting on a discussion of Radical Reference
at Thinking Ahead 2008.
Won't You Be Sociable With Me?
an introduction to social software for WYLD Region 2 librarians.
Tech Trends for Libraries and Librarians
a presentation for the Park County Library System staff on blogs, RSS, wikis, and IM

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