Gone Suburban No. 8

The nice thing about doing the dishes is that it always works.

This may not seem to have anything to do with the suburbs (other, of course, than those many cleaning product commercials featuring the prototype of the soccer mom and her mother), and it doesn’t, except that, what with the number of technological and electronic and mechanical innovations and improvements we’ve been doing around here lately, the dishes, as a chore, seem quite appealing. Better, I would say, than being on hold with the cable company or the DSL provider or the phone company or what have you, or setting up any of the above things (the dual-deck VCR, the DSL, the digital cable, etc.).

Comparatively speaking, you see, I find the dishes almost soothing. Hot water, soap, dishcloth; apply repetitive motion, and there you go.

Then again, I do like the DSL. What is one to do?

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