Spam Karma, or Lack Thereof

For reasons I cannot fathom, this blog gets far, far more comment spam than my other, far more active blog, lis.dom. As a result I’ve had to turn the settings on Spam Karma up to “total beeatch.” It’s saved me from spending time every day deleting spam comments, but it might mean that real comments get caught as spam. I try to check periodically, but if you leave a comment that doesn’t show up, let me know, and I’ll go hunting for it.

2 thoughts on “Spam Karma, or Lack Thereof”

  1. I used to get a ton of spam from Russia and Indonesia. I soon realized they had also hacked into my gmail account. I added a second level of security in the form of a code they text to me that must be entered every time I log in. Bad spam karma reversed and the hackers have vanished too. Is New Rambler linked to a google account? Good gravy, I seem to have forgotten who I’m commenting to. You know all this, right?

    MDB, for some reason, is getting a few page views via this site. Psychic Spammers? I see no links. Oh welly, hope to see you or speak sometime soon, comrade. Paz.

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