I've been feeling some indecision about what picture to use as my identifier here.  Today, probably as a result of thinking about Meredith's comment about mp3s for maple syrup on my previous post, I chose this one.  The Vermont t-shirt is one of the last things my father gave me before he died, which is sort of an awful thing to say, since it lends a good deal of bathos to the picture.  But I was actually happy to find this picture when I was sorting through some things a year ago, because I look so happy in it, and I'm sort of glad to see evidence that I was still happy at least some of the time that year. 

My father's family had a summer house way up in northern Vermont, in a town called Enosburg Falls.  We went there every summer, and my father and I both loved it.  My mom didn't like it so much, though that had less to do with Vermont and more to do with her mother-in-law.  We stopped going after my father died, and I've only made it back a few times since.  Someday maybe I'll write about my last visit, in 2004, when I saw my half brother and sister for the first time in 20 years, but tonight it's time for bed.

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