As promised, here's a picture of me on Baby, the palomino, from my horseback riding excursion with my friends Shane and Tiffany the weekend before last.  I had not been on a horse since I was six, so we only rode for about an hour.  I was somewhat sore the next day, but not too bad.

This weekend Jim and my friend Edie and I took what turned out to be a 13 mile hike (we had been planning on a 7-8 mile loop) up the South Fork of the Wood River and Chimney Creek.  The next day I woke up and thought, "I could do that again"–or at least, "I could do that again if it weren't so freaking hot."  I must be getting stronger, though, because a couple months ago 8 miles left me totally whupped. 

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3 thoughts on “horseback”

  1. Very impressive! I'm also thinking of learning how to ride a horse – something which fills me with just a little trepidation.

  2. It turns out to be really pretty easy–much more so than I thought. Shane gave me a basic run through of what to do and what not to do (like maybe five minutes worth), and then we were up and off the hill. Of course, it helps that Baby is a very sweet and gentle horse, and she pretty much just followed along after the others. You should go for it!

  3. I'm sure it's something I will do this year, especially if I have a gentle horse to learn on. I've been told that learning to ride a horse involves a lot of falling …

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