A Long Short Trip

breakfast in new york city
breakfast in new york city

It might be said that I have two kinds of friends: those who take pictures and those who do not. That’s not quite accurate — all my friends take photos on occasion, but some of them photograph everything, and others . . . don’t. And I am such a conformist that I take pictures with the picture taking people and don’t when in non-picture taking company. And that is all by way of explaining why I don’t have many new photos to add today.

Last night I made black beans charros, rice, and curried corn for my current hosts and a couple other friends, and then I headed up and over to the other side of the island (mostly up) for a party at my college friend Sarah’s for a housewarming party. Getting there was quite an adventure. Normally it would just be a matter of taking the A train, but this weekend, the A train wasn’t running past 168th Street, so when you got there, you had to take a shuttle bus. I was down with all that. . . and then my train stopped at 145th St. I got to the party eventually, some blocks walk and two buses later. It was a sort of adventure, and a good reminder that I’m not really not quite as savvy as I’d like to think. It amuses me to no end, too, that an 11 mile trip can take an hour and half. I could, in otherwards, get from my house to Cody and back — with some time to spare — in the time it took me to get home last night.

Today I have mostly been lounging and reading and generally trying to ward off the cold that hasn’t quite started but seems like it wants to. Tonight I’m going to eat dedacdent mac and cheese with a friend from the computer and his family. And tomorrow — well, who knows what tomorrow holds?

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