On the Way Home

denver airport
denver airport
I’m in the Denver airport, back in Mountain Time, waiting for the last of my three airplanes home, and, as you can perhaps tell from the picture, the sun is shining, which, after several cold and drizzly days in New York, is most welcome. Many people — including many in the East and even some in Wyoming — think I’m crazy for living where I do, and perhaps I am, but I do know this: where I live, it is almost always sunny. I used to have some sort of sunlight therapy lamp, and I sat dutifully in its light, but it simply doesn’t compare to actual sunshine — the sort that streams through the windows and dapples the hills and nearly blinds you when you walk outside. I love the sunshine, and I love the stars at night, and I love the expanse of the sky, and while there are things that would make me give those up, they are few, and none of them have yet come forward.

Yesterday I did in fact visit the Fluevog store and I emerged victorious! Well, it was a victory if you consider handing over large sums of cash for well-made boots that you love and that fit you a victory, which I do, particularly when I’ve been wanting some boots of this sort practically forever. I plan to wear them for at least that long. The craziest part of the thing, though, was not finding boots that fit my oddly long and narrow feet, although that is rare. But the woman who sold them to me? Is from Wyoming. From Lander, specifically, and we knew a handful of the same people in common. It was an excellent Wyoming/New York City moment. Tomorrow I’ll wear my boots to church and, when my friend comments on them, I will say, “Thanks. . . and just guess who sold them to me.” It will be a fine, fine thing.

SoHo was as disappointing as I expected. I first went there in 1990, when I suppose real New Yorkers would tell you it was already going to the dogs, or at any rate the chain stores, but it was not nearly as bad as it is now. I made a quick escape back to the Lower East Side, gathered the rest of my stuff from Jenna’s apartment, had dinner at the Angelina Cafe, and headed to the Radical Reference Google Books shindig, which I’ll write up for my library blog at some point. I haven’t seen any of my RadRef cohort since ALA in 2006, and many of them I’ve never met, so it was great to do so. I only wish I had a teleporter, so I could live all the lives I want to in all the places I want to be.

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  1. fluevog store in Chicago…may need to do road trip…prove that just because I’m too old for the first round of H1N1 vaccine eligibility, I can still wear cool shoes…

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