In Which I Offer Excuses

Greg and I have been discussing themes for Thursdays and Fridays, and we still welcome your suggestions. I don’t actually have themes for my days at the moment, but I thought they might be worth pursuing at least a day or two per week.

When I was in fifth grade, I was subjected, among other things, to a sex ed film in which the narrator informed us that if we just ate right and exercised, we wouldn’t have cramps! In class the next day, one girl noted that her mother said that was not true. I don’t remember who it was, but I would like to give her mother a placard that says No Fucking Shit. Today, despite my three days in a row of vigorous exercise and my diet of whole grains and vegetables and all that other stuff they say you should eat, was spent largely cursing God (when not cursing the county and the state legislature, but that’s another topic best saved, as JD Salinger once wrote, for when we’re both blind and drunk) and counting the minutes till I could go home and nap with a cat for a heating pad.

And this, as you may guess, is all by way of saying that, in addition to failing to exercise today, I have not much to say in general. The school here is on what I guess amounts to a basketball break — our high school girls team is at the state championship in Casper — so things are very quiet at the library. I am getting rid of some more old and decripit books. If you’d like a copy of a book about the history of manned space flight from 1981, just let me know. (People are often horrified by the idea that libraries get rid of books, but really, if you saw what I’m getting rid of, I think you’d be okay with it. Also, this is a small public library, not a major research institution. We are interested in having a) books people want to read and b) books that tell them how to do things. I am fairly sure that the Encyclopedia of Associations from 1996 and a dictionary of abbreviations from the 1980s do neither of these things.)

Pet your animals, if you have any, and they are the sort that take to petting, and stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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  1. WHAT IF I REALLY NEED TO ABBREVIATE MY ASSOCIATIONS??? I have pet Komeda. He is looking better, we think.

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