Driving to Grinnell

Queen Anne’s Lace


West, young man
the man once said once

upon a time
this was the West

That’s what I wrote in my head on the way to Ministries Retreat. I was there to make a little video.

2 thoughts on “Driving to Grinnell”

  1. In some ways, Grinnell is more west than much of the west. I can never escape the way it seems to be an oasis, in spite of the under-funded lives about half the town lives. 400,000 brilliantly-chosen books, incredible research facilities, deep history, and privacy all combine to something akin to what one might think about if one weren’t actually John Muir in a conifer during a lightning storm in Yosemite. With an old overcoat and a crust of bread in his pocket. And a fragment.


  2. According to my daughter, there are three Grinnells. However, since she is only four years old, her quantitative reasoning is limited to integers. Though I enjoyed reading your post, it has left me imagining a whole continuum of non-integral Grinnells.


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