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The New Rambler

Laura Crossett’s home on the web since 1999.


The New Rambler blog posts going all the way back to its newsletter days in 1998.


Some other things I’ve written here and there.


I self-published a book called Night Sweats: An Unexpected Pregnancy in 2013.

The Old Rambler

The New Rambler began as an email newsletter in October 1998. Its first presence on the web came in 1999, when it was hosted by my local ISP, In 2003 or so it moved to Bluehost and acquired its own domain name. A few years later, it moved to LIShost, where it lived till they shut down in 2020. The Internet Archive‘s Wayback Machine has a few snapshots of what it’s looked like over the years.

  • December 2003, still looking pretty close to the way it did at the start.
  • August 2006, now with the blog part running on WordPress.
  • By July 2011, I’d finally learned some CSS, and there are margins!
  • May 2016 was about the end of when I maintained the old html site before I gave up and realized content management was the wave of the future.


All images on this site, except for the cover photo of Night Sweats and where otherwise noted, were painted by Peter Crossett and are copyrighted by him. Mitchell Szczepanczyk first installed WordPress for me, back in the days when doing so required actual skill, and Blake Carver kept the whole thing running on LIShost for many years despite my copious mistakes. Many thanks to Brian Pinchman at Libchalk Hosting for taking care of it since.

Writing on this site, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.