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If you’re here, perhaps it’s because you read my essay Accidents on The Rumpus. If so, thanks a million! (If not, you can of course read it now.) And if you’d like to read more, here are a few things I’m particularly proud of.

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If you’re here today it’s possible you came via this piece I wrote about mourning pregnancy. Now that you’re here, you might like to look around. Here are a few of my past favorite posts:

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Upgrades, The Black Dude, and Other Forward Thinking

I just upgraded this blog from WordPress 1.5 to the current version, which I believe is 2.3.3. Yeah, I missed a few in there. I’m also planning to play around with the theme some, so if you read this from the source rather than via aggregator, you may see some changes.

In other news, on Saturday, for the first time in my life, a candidate I caucused for won. Wyoming Public Radio feels, for some reason, that telling you about its upcoming pledge drive (which, while very short, is unbearably annoying) is more important than telling you, oh, say, news, but happily NPR and the AP come through with the results, even down to the county.

I got to the caucus site about ten minutes before it started (under normal Wyoming circumstances, that would be early) to find a line to get in. I didn’t even have to wait in line at the DMV when I got my Wyoming license; I rarely have to wait in lines at the grocery store. I had a nice time chatting with my fellow registered Democrats, though, and one turned out to be a fellow librarian. The organizers of this caucus had somehow missed the national press attention that Wyoming was getting in the days prior to the caucus, and they had thus booked a room that holds about 25 people. There were about 300 people there, and so they had us crowd around the main floor and the balcony of the floor above.

Where I come from, a caucus means getting a bunch of people in a large room and saying, “Okay, if you’re for the woman, go over there; if you’re for the black dude, go over there.” (And then, because it’s the first caucus in the nation, you get about ten more choices, which as you may imagine is why I have never before caucused for a winner.) In this caucus, we still heard some speeches and endorsements, but then we filled out ballots sort of like this one and deposited them in a cardboard box with a hole cut in it. After that, there may well have been more, but I’ve been ill and so I left to come back home and sleep before my week of Missoula Children’s Theatre (brought to you by the Park County Arts Council, of which I am a proud member) and Thinking Ahead (where I’m going to be talking about Radical Reference).

Although it was exciting to have voted for a winner, I am not really all that excited. There’s enough background about what I think and who I’ve voted for elsewhere on this site. Suffice it to say that, while the candidates whose positions I really admired have long since dropped out, I am trying to see that having either a woman or a person of color as a major party nominee (and, one hopes, as President) is a major symbolic step for this country and the world.

Spam Karma, or Lack Thereof

For reasons I cannot fathom, this blog gets far, far more comment spam than my other, far more active blog, lis.dom. As a result I’ve had to turn the settings on Spam Karma up to “total beeatch.” It’s saved me from spending time every day deleting spam comments, but it might mean that real comments get caught as spam. I try to check periodically, but if you leave a comment that doesn’t show up, let me know, and I’ll go hunting for it.


It’s been a techy weekend around here: my friend Mitchell finished working out the kinks in the installation of a second WordPress blog, which will host my other blog, lis.dom, and I imported the lis.dom entries from Blogger and started categorizing them. I also downloaded and installed a couple of new themes, although I need to tweak them a bit before using them. . . .

I upgraded to WordPress 2.0 for this blog, and, since it’s now so easy to do, I imported the entries from my very short-lived Gone Suburban blog that I kept for a couple of months back in the fall of 2003 when I first moved to La Grange. So if you’re interested, you can read my bitter rantings about being an unemployed suburbanite in her late 20s by going back a few pages or just going to the suburbia category. (And incidentally, if anyone can tell me what all that weird warning crap at the top of the page is and/or how to get rid of it, I’d be grateful. Leave a comment, e-mail lauracrossett at hailmail dot net or AIM theblackmolly.)

Oh, and I installed Spam Karma on both blogs, which should make for much less time deleting comments about drugs ending in -ine and online casinos, which can only be a good thing.