Night Sweats: My Book

This is why I feel strongly that a new self-published book entitled Night Sweats: An Unexpected Pregnancy, by an Iowa librarian named Laura Crossett, is something that belongs in every library in America — academic, school, public, and medical. Crossett is an interesting blend of contradictions. She’s religious and irreverent; courageous and scared; rational and emotional; clear thinking and muddled; in love and out of love. There is, however, one aspect of her personality that is clear and constant: she is a gifted writer who is able to clearly articulate all the conflicting aspects of her personal dilemma with grace, wit, candor, pain, drama, and, most of all, humor.

Will Manley, in Booklist

So, I wrote a book…

Here’s a little bit about it:

Laura Crossett was thirty-five years old, one month into a relationship, and six months into a new job when she sat in a staff bathroom and looked at a stick that told her something she already suspected.

Almost half the pregnancies that occur in the United States each year are unplanned. Some of them happen to married women, some to unmarried; some occur due to failure to use contraception; some due to contraceptive failure. Some happen to women who hope one day to have children; some to women who never wanted children at all.

In a political climate that polarizes around issues of sexuality and choice and a popular culture that glamorizes pregnancy and fetishizes motherhood, we rarely hear the stories of women who did not seek to become pregnant. Night Sweats is one of them.

Here’s the prologue as it first appeared on my blog.

front cover of night sweats, showing an old couch in muted light

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